Operations & QA Assistant


At Help.lk, we're changing how students learn.

When studying, Students bump into small problems. We connect students with a tutor instantly for a shorter 1-on-1 session.

Ex. Amal is doing a physics past-paper & struggling to get an answer to a question. He can't remember the correct theory for it. He's helpless! Tries to ask friends & family but, the help isn't sufficient and, on the verge of giving up. At this point of struggle, we instantly connect Amal with a tutor for a shorter 1-on-1 help-session.

For tutors, This is like driving uber. Tutors will get a notification & whoever picks first will get the session.

We have 181 tutors (We call them "experts") and 500+ students. Your responsibilities are,

  • Keep in contact with experts.
  • Activate experts. (Make inactive experts active: call and convert)
  • Incentivize them to open their calendars and be certified & to accept more sessions..
  • Be their direct helpline.
  • Strategic advice for the company.
  • Reviews sessions and process their payments.
  • Data processing
  • Admin tasks

Ideally, you need to be able to,

  • Communicate effectively,
  • Good with numbers and be equipped with a growth mindset
  • Be detail-oriented
  • Be able to empathize with others

Please include one paragraph (max five sentences) in the body of your cover letter on what most excited you about this job. Why are you applying? (Don't worry, we aren't judging your grammar or writing ability.)

Salary -5,000-10,000

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